Open mouth . . . insert foot. Don’t we all wish we could avoid that scenario? Our words can get us into all kinds of trouble. But maybe we can learn to keep our big mouths in check.

Come join us on Sunday, June 30th at 6 pm at First Free Will Baptist Church for a new Bible Study on this important topic. From Pastor Andy Stanley, a dynamic study that teaches us how to make our words more uplifting and edifying, instead of damaging and destructive.

For a preview of the first lesson, you can click on the video below:

This Bible study is free and open to the public, and all are welcome to attend.

If you are interested in learning more about what God is doing at First Church, please join us for worship services on Sundays, or for our Bible studies during the week. We are located at 2426 S. Charles Blvd., Greenville, NC. Come worship with us.


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