30-days-prayerOn the first Sunday evening of each month we have our 30 Days of Prayer program. We invite all people of the Christian faith to come join us in a corporate setting for prayer. Prayer serves as the most powerful spiritual resource available to Christians. Prayer serves as an act of submission and a request for intervention. God works in our lives through invitation and our 30 Days of Prayer is designed to invite God into our lives and into the events that surround our lives. Each Prayer service will start at 6:00 PM and is structured with four segments of prayer.

6:00 PM Prayer of our Nation, National Leaders and World Events
6:05 PM Prayer for State Leaders and Regional Events
6:10 PM Prayer for Local Leaders and Community Concerns
6:15 PM Prayer for our Families and Personal Concerns

The setting is an informal setting so people can come pray and leave as their own personal time permits. People can pray individually, they can pray in groups and we will pray corporately. We would love to encourage you to join with us in prayer as we invite God to do in us and through us what we cannot do for ourselves.